Terry Browning – Gestalt counselling for individuals and couples (Redhill RH1 – Reigate RH2)

My Approach

What is the Gestalt approach?

Gestalt therapy is holistic, embracing mind, body and spirit. It encourages the individual to feel more complete and to be aware of parts of themselves that have been forgotten or denied, for whatever reason.

Gestalt working is highly creative and helps you to discover new ways of being. We work in the ‘here and now’, for example by looking at how you currently relate to people and situations in your life. The therapist offers support and constructive feedback that aims to assist you in exploring difficult feelings and thoughts, recognising and accepting aspects of yourself, and gaining new insights and perspectives. This in turn leads to increased self-responsibility and awareness of your potential to move forward.

Gestalt is one of the major building blocks of therapeutic theory and practice. It has been continuously developing since the early 1900s. Elements of the Gestalt approach are widely used in many different forms of counselling and psychotherapy.